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Vision Therapy

Dr. John and Vision Therapy

VT2Our board certified behavioral optometrist, Dr. John Abbondanza, works with patients of all ages to evaluate and treat functional visual problems such as eye tracking, eye teaming and convergence insufficiency. He specializes in vision-related learning problems, or the vision problems that may cause bright children to struggle in school. For example, a child who skips over words or lines when reading, who loses their place when reading, or who develops headaches and eye strain when reading likely has a vision problem. See our Visual Screening Questionnaire to find out if you or your child has a vision-related learning problem.

vt1The comprehensive behavioral evaluation encompasses primitive reflex testing, visual motor and visual perceptual testing, eye focusing and visual developmental testing. Dr. John is then able to identify specific issues, such as eye focusing and tracking problems that occur during reading. He then creates a treatment program geared toward correcting the problem and helping the patient see more clearly and comfortably while performing better in school, at work, and in life.

Sometimes the treatment is as simple as a mild pair of reading glasses; often they need vision therapy.

What is Vision Therapy?

Vision therapy is a series of eye exercises designed to improve the functioning and efficiency of the visual system. We start with exercises that are simple and fairly easy, and then gradually progress to more challenging and complicated tasks. Each vision therapy program is individually tailored to meet the needs of the patient. Visual tasks are integrated with movement, balance, hearing, speech, rhythm and timing, and visualization in order to develop improved visual functioning. As skills are developed and perfected, new skills are added.

vt4 300×161Vision therapy can be used to treat such conditions as convergence insufficiency, strabismus (eye turn in or out), amblyopia (lazy eye), and oculomotor dysfunction (tracking problem). Also, many children diagnosed with ADHD, learning disabilities, autism, and dyslexia have functional vision problems that interfere with learning, and can benefit from proper treatment.


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