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Safe Driving in the Winter

Safe Driving in the Winter

In  Southborough, getting behind the wheel in the colder months comes with challenges that driving in the summer does not present. Besides the dangers of slipping and skidding in ice and snow, there are added risks because of potential impediments to your vision.

When driving during the day, the sun reflected off of white snow can cause annoying glares that interfere with keeping your eyes on the road. However, at worst, the sun’s UV rays can actually cause a phenomenon known as “snow blindness”. This condition manifests itself in eye pain and blurry vision. When driving, these symptoms can be dangerous. When driving in the snow - the danger is far greater! Sunglasses that block UV rays can be a lifesaver if you need to drive in inclement weather. Artificial tears can also assuage the symptoms of snow blindness. Both are available at Vision Care Specialists.

Nighttime driving in snow is, of course, also dangerous. High beams reflected off of the white snow can cause snow blindness. The nocturnal equivalent of sunglasses to address this danger is a pair of eyeglasses with anti-reflective coating. Such glasses protect your eyes against glare, and while helpful even in normal nighttime driving conditions, can be vital in the winter. These glasses are also available from Vision Care Specialists.

Driving in the winter cannot always be avoided - but we can minimize the dangers it presents with the right preparation. Call our Southborough eye care center at 508-481-8558 for more information or to schedule an appointment.