Additional Testimonials

~I have had difficulties with my eyes for years as a result of RK surgery and astigmatism.  Because of these issues, I had nearly given up on ever having clear vision with contacts ever again.  I had bounced around to a number of different doctors, only to walk away with mediocre vision from the prescription they gave me.  I was so pleased to find Dr. Levine, he knew what I was struggling with from our first meeting.  Dr. Levine took the time to study my eyes and prescribe a contact lens that has me seeing clearer than I have in many years.   I only wish that I had found him sooner!  I can whole heartedly recommend Dr. Levine and his staff at Vision Care Specialists.   DG March 2013


~Dr. Levine,

You are welcome to use any part of this letter as you want and suits your professional style.

Just to express my appreciation for your caring care.  You have made my eyes see so much better by fitting these contact lenses on me.  Every bit of inconvenience to get them fit well and effort to put them on is truly worth while.

Life is so much more interesting when I can see clearly.  Life is full of details.  I see expressions on peoples faces from father away and I feel I even get more smiles or was it just that I did not see them with regular glasses?  I also found new interest in fixing up my hair and putting on some makeup.  I had stopped using any makeup for the fear that I’ll put it on uneven and look much older.  Now I am sure of myself as I can see how  my makeup goes on.

My contacts fit so well I can forget I am wearing them.  They feel so natural I forget I am wearing them and then I reach out for my glasses for the habit.  It  took me some adjusting to learn to see object the real size instead larger like they appear thru my regular glasses.  It took me a while to realize that my minivan will fit into the same old parking space though the space looks narrower.  On the same note my shoes look smaller too which is not bad at all and I think I look thinner too.  I am enjoying my much improved sight and Dr. Levine has made that possible for me.

I hope these contacts will keep serving me well for years to come until it is time to buy another pair.

SM March, 2013


~Dear Dr. Levine, Having seen a number of different optometrists all over the country, I wanted to make sure you and your office received well-deserved kudos for the brilliant service you provide. Having just move to the greater Boston area, I sought a reference to an eye doctor from my colleagues. You came highly recommended. I was very pleasantly surprised when my visit to Vision Care Specialists exceeded even the high expectations which had been set. Your office staff is very personable and professional. I think this must surely be a reflection of your own personality and goals, as evidenced during my examination and follow-up visits with you. Although your office is busy, I clearly had your undivided attention for as long as I wanted. You went way overboard compared to other practices I have used to really understand my current eye health. More than that, you pushed to understand my lifestyle and therefore customized your recommendation for vision correction to best match me, rather than just a prescription and out the door. I have since highly recommended you to other new hires in my company and will continue to do so. They have all been highly satisfied with you and Vision Care Specialists. Please extend my thanks to the rest of your office. – Terry B.


~Dear Dr. John, Based on the number of appointments that were booked after your presentation to the OT/PT department in Marlboro, I am guessing that you don’t need me to tell you just how impressed we all were with the work that you do and your passion for it!  Several co-workers came to me later to say that your presentation was the most interesting, informative, and valuable Professional Development Program they had ever had!  The time you extended in preparation and presentation was most appreciated. Thank you.”– Donna Wentzell, OTR/L


~ My son was very happy in school until 3rd grade. It all started when he would tell me the words moved when he was reading. The school and I were very concerned. He had a full evaluation that said they did not find anything wrong but the words still moved. We took him for two sets of glasses and the words still moved. We took him to the pediatrician multiple times with no answers. He couldn’t complete his work in school and he started to fall behind. He couldn’t do his homework at the end of the day and it turned into a huge battle with everyone crying every night. Our home was not a happy one. As we progressed to 4th grade he developed headaches everyday. He fell further and further behind. The school said he was lazy and he needed counseling and to put more effort in. We took him for a year and they told us that they believed the words moved for him and that he didn’t need counseling.  We bought him another pair of glasses and went into Boston to see a pediatric neurologist. No one would find out why the words were moving. He fell further and further behind in school. Our house was still not a happy place. He stopped playing sports because he couldn’t see the ball well. In 5th grade I begged the school for help and they evaluated him again but there were still no answers and the words still moved and he fell further behind. I knew there was something wrong but no one could tell me what and I just wanted to help my son.

A friend gave me a book and suggested Vision Therapy. We found Dr. Abbondanza and Vision Care Specialist and it was a miracle! We had an evaluation and we found out that my son had convergence insufficiency and accommodative spasm. My son did 20 weeks of classes and practiced every day. It was a commitment that the whole family took and it brought us all together with a common goal. I am so happy to say that THE WORDS NO LONGER MOVE!!!! He entered 6th grade Middle School this year and is doing wonderful. He is a B+ – A- student but more importantly he is having fun in school again. He can do his schoolwork and homework and see the entire time. His reading has almost caught up and he is catching up in writing. There are also no more headaches, and homework is now done with a smile. My son is happy that he can play sports and read a book and copy from the board and keep up with the other kids. My house is a happy house now and my son has his self esteem back! Thank you Dr. Abbondanza you gave me my son back and I will always be grateful. -Teresa F.


~I couldn’t be happier with the Wave RGP contact lenses. This vision is absolutely incredible. I see better now than I did with glasses, and it helps me in my work and my photography. I wore soft contacts for about 10 years and the Wave lenses are at least as comfortable or even more comfortable than soft lenses by the end of the day. After my astigmatism got worse over the years, I tried soft lenses again before coming to see Dr. Levine and the vision was just not acceptable. Now I see incredibly sharp and wear these lenses every day 12 hours or more. I really couldn’t be happier with my vision and my experience with Dr. Paul Levine and Vision Care Specialists. I wish I found out about all of this a long time ago! – Adam S.

~I have an autistic son who was having eye trouble that a standard eye exam was not able to detect.  I sought out help and I went to see Dr. John at this practice and our life changed.  This man should be sainted – my son had tracking issues and needed vision therapy (which we paid for because waiting for a school to do something could take forever).   That was three years ago.  Today we went back because he is having trouble reading and he helped again (where 8 years of “specialists” in the school system were not able to help pinpoint). –
Barbara A.


~ My daughter, Emily, age 9, began to become nearsighted about 2 years ago.  After only 1 year her nearsightedness had tripled!  At that time, Dr. Levine suggested that we try Ortho-K to attempt to stabilize her vision.  Emily practiced putting on and removing the Ortho-K lenses, and after a short time she became adept at using and caring for them.  The good news is that by wearing the contacts during sleep, Emily can see almost perfectly during the day without the use of glasses. But the best news of all is that Emily’s vision has stabilized and the nearsightedness has not increased. This is so important! I believe that she was headed toward a very high prescription, like myself.  High levels would have put her at higher risk of a retinal detachment and the handicap of poor vision. Ortho-K is one of the greatest gifts she could have received because it has preserved her vision. – Lynda E.

~Dr. Levine,

I’d like to start off by telling you that my father had nothing but good things to say about you and his entire visit (even the peripheral vision test!).  You are a very patient and caring person, and you made my father feel hopeful about his vision problems.  Thank you.  – Aida C.~Hi, Dr Levine,I just wanted to take a moment to write to you to express my thanks for all the assistance you have provided my mom. It is people like you make our world a better place, simply by taking the extra time you took to care. I think I can safely say you were well received by all!
Once again, thank you for an outstanding job!


Edson M.

 ~Dr. Levine, a thank-you for the thorough eye exam and the prescription glasses.  Although the vision in the left eye with the detached retina cannot be corrected, I am seeing so much better than before.  I no longer use my reading glasses–the new progressive lenses work much better than the reading glasses.  My eyes no longer get tired as rapidly, the double vision has decreased (nonexistent last week at the theatre–even in the mezzanine!) and details in general are sharper.  And, the frames look and fit great!  So glad I made the switch to your office.

With much appreciation,



~Dr. John is the best Optometrist I have ever had!  I met Dr. John through a referral network and was very impressed with his passion for his work and overall knowledge of both Behavioral issues in younger people, and scope of his practice.  He did a presentation at a meeting that left me so impressed that when my own eye exam came due, I booked both myself and my husband when our insurance allowed our next exam.

I knew from reputation and from comments from other members of my referral network that Dr. John was special in both his people skills and extensive knowledge of the eye and related issues, but I had no idea that he would be the very best doctor I had ever been to.  I’ve been wearing glasses for over 15 years, have had annual/bi-annual exams in years past, but Dr. John blew me away.  In fact, he was so marvelous, that upon learning I was to relocate out of the area, I made sure I could have a final appointment with him to insure my eye’s safety until I established a relationship with a  new doctor.  Dr. John also took the time to refer me to someone as close to his credentials.  I will miss the professionalism and friendliness of Dr. John and his staff.

Invest in the best!  Dr. John is well worth the investment in your eyes or those of your family. – Salley T.


~Good Morning Dr. John,

I wanted to thank you again for your expert correction of my vision.  Today is a great day, everything worked perfectly overnight (CRT) and my distance vision was crystal clear in both eyes this AM. 

Overall, I am amazed at not having to wear glasses/contacts to get around and wanted to thank you again.

See you in February and have a great summer!



~Dr Paul Levine is the most fun Eye Doctor I have ever met!…and he is very good too. He takes the time to treat the the total person.
I would recommend him to everyone!!  – Meredith

~ Dr. John,

I SO appreciate how fast you got J in to see you – her headaches had gotten so bad and we had no real idea what might be causing them.  She just casually remarked something about when she looked up at the board her headaches lessened and I was grasping at straws when I called you.
Anyway, since she got the glasses, NO HEADACHES! What a blessing!  I was getting quite worried about her and you solved our problem in a snap!  – Marie


~Dear Dr. Paul & Dr. John,

First of all, you are BOTH exceptional doctors and you put people (whether customers or not) first. You listen with patience and open-mindedness, you give the person a level of comfort and your confidence is part – but trust is the other.

Paul helped my friend Pat G. the other day immensely. Pat just turned 80. Well, not only did Paul listen, and then ask questions which showed his grasp of the actual vision problem – but he put Pat at ease. Paul recommended a practitioner near where she lives (Mansfield) and she was so thrilled – she called me back – crying. It was an act of kindness and listening which is rare these days. Then she walked to the doctor that Dr. Paul suggested and made an appointment. She saw him, and said he was as nice and helpful as Dr. Paul indicated he might be.

So, thank you sincerely – the network and referrals, and friendship continue to develop and strengthen!

Lisa S.

~ “I could tell from the minute I walked through the door the type of positive experience I was going to have at Vision Care Specialists. The office is comfortable, the staff accommodating, and the doctors knowledgeable, warm, and completely focused on my concerns and needs. They effectively combine the newest technologies and latest advances in detection and treatment, without losing the feel of what you trust in a neighborhood family practice.” – Michael F.