Vision Therapy

Our board certified behavioral optometrist, Dr. John Abbondanza, works with patients of all ages to evaluate and treat functional visual problems such as eye tracking, eye teaming and convergence insufficiency. He specializes in vision-related learning problems, or the vision problems that may cause bright children to struggle in school.  For example, a child who skips over words or lines when reading, who loses their place when reading, or who develops headaches and eye strain when reading likely has a vision problem.  See our Vision Symptom Checklist to find out if you or your child has a vision-related learning problem.


Orthokeratology (OrthoK)

Are you tired of wearing contact lenses or glasses every day?  Would you enjoy the freedom of having clear vision all day without corrective lenses or eye surgery?  Are you concerned that your child’s eyes keep getting worse year after year?  If so, OrthoK may be a great option for you or your child.


Specialty Contact Lenses

Not every contact lens fits every eye.  In fact, many complications can occur rendering some of the most popular contact lenses useless.  For instance, certain eye conditions such as Keratoconus, Dry Eye Syndrome and Corneal Scarring often fail in traditional contact lenses.  Additionally, patients who have had refractive surgery such as LASIK or RK that need corrective lenses often struggle to see clearly with glasses or traditional contacts.  While these exceptional products often help patients regain their clear sight again, they also can help those with normal eye health who seek optimum vision.  Often, those with astigmatism or those who wish to have bifocal contact lenses make great candidates for specialty contact lenses.