Family Eye Care

Eye Exams Dr John exam

Every patient relationship begins with a comprehensive eye exam that includes a thorough medical history and three major components.

It is recommended that patients have an annual routine eye exam.

Refractive Testing

This part of the exam focuses on how well you can see. It includes vision testing up close and far away and helps us determine if you need a prescription.

Functional Testing

Here we focus on how your eyes team, or work together, to help you see. We inquire about symptoms that may indicate functional problems, including lazy eye, headaches, depth perception issues, eyestrain and reading trouble.

Eye Health

Using state-of-the-art technology and equipment, we study your eye tissues from front to back and screen for glaucoma, cataracts, macular degeneration, diabetic eye disease and other common eye disorders.

Digital Retinal ScreeningRetina Camera

The health of your eyes is the most important component of your eye exam at Vision Care Specialists.  We are proud to offer Digital Retinal Screening in which a high-resolution digital photograph is taken of the back interior portion of your eye called the retina.  In most cases, the color photograph can be taken without dilating your pupils.  The image produced shows the optic nerve, blood vessels, nerve fibre layer and the macula which is the most sensitive part of the retina and is responsible for the most clear and detailed vision you have.  The screening can show abnormalities that may threaten normal vision.  It also provides invaluable baseline information to assist your doctor in determining if any changes in the health of your eye have ocurred from one exam to the next.

The digital photographs become part of your permanent record so that your doctor can closely monitor even the slightest progression of any abnormalities.  You will be given the opportunity to see the images and get a thorough explanation of the photographs at the time of your screening.  You may even request a full color print at the time of your visit.

Laser Vision Correction

Are you considering LASIK or other laser vision correction surgeries?  You may want to dramatically improve your vision without the use of contacts or glasses, but have questions or are unsure if surgery is right for you.

Many patients feel anxious about discussing refractive surgery with their eye doctor, but at Vision Care Specialists, our doctors are educated and trained to explain all of your options and help you make this important decision.

Our doctors perform refractive surgery co-management which consists of pre and post-operative evaluations.  Pre-operative evaluations test your potential candidacy for surgery, educate you about potential risks and likely outcomes, and help you make an informed decision.  Post-operative care involves the careful monitoring of your surgical outcome and healing.  If you have already made up your mind or just want some basic information, we are happy to assist you in any way.